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Spark program

What it is about?

  • Exclusive 10 weeks program for students covering end to end Asset Management discipline, with both business and IT fields interactively connected
  • A unique experience for 12 university students selected through an interview process

What is in it for you

  • Unique Asset Management end-to-end learning experience & practical knowledge
  • Base salary of 5 EUR gross/hour/part-time
  • Access to Swiss Re education platform
  • Six Sigma yellow belt certification
  • Dinner with COO, CFO & Head Bratislava location
  • Access to Asset Management professionals

TOP 3 participants would receive:

  • 1 year full-time contract (with potential to change it to regular contract)
  • 1000, 700, 500 EUR performance bonus / winning prizes
  • Option to visit headquarter in Zurich
  • Education package (worthy 1000 EUR each)


Program structure

  • Asset Management overview - Three weeks are focused on introducing SR Asset Management, different teams and departments through multiple interactive sessions.
  • Deep dive - Seven weeks offer a hands-on experience combining business and IT side in a team under one of the following areas/modules: Transaction execution, Portfolio Analysis & Reporting and Governance and Compliance. Attractive combination of theoretical sessions with hands-on practice to enable unique experience. 
  • Group assignment - In addition to the theoretical and practical part, each participant will work on a group assignment together with student colleagues of the same focus area working on real case studies.
  • Content is interlinked with soft topics such as Future of work, Agility or Process improvements.​

Transaction execution

In this module, several teams are represented that follow the overall investment trade lifecycle. Participants will have an opportunity to see the process of custody account opening with major global custody banks followed by an actual trade booking into various internal Swiss Re systems depending on what product was traded. Once trade is executed our Investment Transaction Management experts will demonstrate how the process of settlement looks like on various global markets. Later, respective cash flows triggered by the nature of various investment products will be processed by our Payments experts using SWIFT network to assure smooth execution. Lastly, all investment activity is screened daily by our Investment account control services team so that all potential discrepancies between SR book of records and banks are identified, explained and resolved.

Teams involved: Custody, Trade Processing, Investment Transaction Management, Investment Account Control Services

Portfolio Analysis & Reporting

This module starts with the implementation of the investment mandates, continues with the strategic asset allocation, onboarding of external managers and monitoring of their performance and ends with the accounting and economic reporting of the investment results. Participants in the middle office teams will have an insight to the process of creation and maintenance of the Risk Budgeting framework forming the basis of the Asset Liability Matching process (ALM), which includes also preparation and implementation of investment benchmarks. Furthermore, they will focus on the implementation of strategic asset allocation through the onboarding of external managers and in later stage they will also see how to monitor and assess their performance. Finally, in the AM Finance team, participants will have an opportunity to experience reporting of investment results from the perspective of upper management from both accounting and economic point of view.

Teams involved: Business Unit & Investment process, Markets & Investment Services, Finance


Governance and Compliance

In the Governance and Compliance module the participants will focus in the Investment analysis from the process quality and risk perspective, including portfolio monitoring and strategic projects on a global level around continuous improvement. The goal of the module is to give an insight into the requirements that are obligatory on the Investments from external regulatory perspectives but also internally to make the allocation of resources effective and risk resilient. Additionally, participants will see the E2E process of various portfolio monitoring solutions including restricted list updates and onboarding (sanctions, credit risk management, ESG, anti-money laundering etc.)

Teams involved: Governance, Data Integrity, Portfolio Monitoring, Strategic Solutions


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