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London, GB

Behavioural Science & Insight Lead


About iptiQ

iptiQ is a risk tech start-up within Swiss Re Group. Swiss Re is one of the world’s leading providers of reinsurance, insurance and other forms of insurance-based risk transfer. We anticipate and manage a wide variety of risks, from natural catastrophes and climate change to cybercrime.

iptiQ provides digital, bespoke and transparent L&H and P&C protection products in a B2B2C manner. Founded in 2014, we're transforming the way consumers buy insurance with a unique digital insurance engine which incorporates the latest technology with world-class underwriting capabilities. We build strong partnerships to sell insurance via trusted brands.

iptiQ offers a flexible working environment where curious and adaptable people thrive. Are you interested in joining us?


About Behavioural Economics at Swiss Re


The insurance industry is a fascinating place for anyone who is interested in studying human behaviour. We sell an intangible good, where we are asking customers to part with money today and receive nothing in return (at least not yet) and where very often the best possible outcome is that they don't need to make a claim. If customers were purely "rational" beings, then they would buy exactly the right amount of insurance for exactly as long as they need it. And yet they don't. 


That is why Swiss Re set up a Behavioural Research Unit in 2013, and began running trials to see whether "seemingly-irrelevant" changes in the choice architecture can change customers' behaviour. Seven years later, our 300+ trials have revealed that often, small, inexpensive changes can significantly impact customers' likelihood to buy, renew, tell the truth, or respond to a letter.   


More than this, insights from behavioural science have now moved further "upstream", meaning that behavioural science and customer insights are now being brought to the table to shape what we offer customers from the very start. 


To find out more about Swiss Re's behavioural science journey, watch the Swiss Re webinar hosted by BEAR as part of their BI Org series in November 2020:  BEAR x BIOrg Webinar Series - Rotman School of Management (utoronto.ca)


About the Role

In this role, you have the chance to become the point person for behavioural science and customer insight at iptiQ, within a high-profile team that has strong backing from senior management. 


This is a varied role, but the common theme to everything you do will be: understanding customers through the lens of Behavioural Science and Customer Insight. 


On Customer Insight, you will be the go-to person for any of our colleagues or partners who are seeking answers or direction on any issue that relates to customer behaviour or preferences (e.g. about a new product, customer journey, campaign or brand idea). You will bring value to your colleagues & our partners by finding answers to these questions through a variety of research methods (surveys, interviews, conjoint analysis, etc)  

iptiQ has a licence with an external customer research platform, meaning that as a team, we run a survey every 3 days with 200-300 people from any target group, in order to test all assumptions around customer behaviour at every stage in the product development cycle. This is a service you would manage. 


The other main part of your role will be to apply Behavioural Science to customer pain-points, in order to achieve measurable improvements for customers and the business. On a day-to-day basis, this will look like: 
-    Working with colleagues across the business to identify and quantify customer "pain-points" (e.g. customers dropping off during a purchase process online, not responding to letters, making mistakes completing a form) 
-    Assessing the customer "pain-point" from a behavioural economics perspective: conducting literature searches, assessing the context and barriers to the desired behaviour, brainstorming and contributing to the design of behavioral-change interventions (e.g. re-design of a webpage, letter, script etc.)  
-    Designing the intervention and then running the trial, together with the business, and then analyzing the results and sharing these with colleagues. This is where your "mixed methods" experience will come to the fore, as the intervention may be tested through an RCT, a before & after test, or another form of evaluation (lab-based, survey etc). 


In addition, our team is increasingly asked for Behavioural Insights to help to help with the design of new products, propositions or customer journeys. For this, we have developed our Human-centric Design (HD) framework, which you would also own (search iptiQ Human-centered Design Framework online to download the white paper) 


Our team is also regularly asked to act as a "behavioural auditor", helping assess the quality of the customer experience, whether this is on the phones, on websites, or even in letters. For this, you will be involved in designing our call scoring frameworks, as well as listening to sales/service calls to measure the quality of the customer experience and make suggestions for improvements. 


Finally – we want you to learn from you! iptiQ is on a journey, and we are keen to hear your ideas about how we can better harness customer insights, behavioural science (as well as Technology, Data, and more) to improve the way we serve customers. 


About the Team

Within iptiQ, the Behavioural Insight Group, is a small team of 3 behavioural scientists based in London, serving the different iptiQ partners around the world (US, EMEA and APAC) with responsibility for Customer Experience (CX) strategy, Behavioural Science and Customer Insight. This is the team you would be joining.


About You

-    You're a self-starter with energy & drive to proactively search for opportunities to help a business improve by harnessing customer insights & behavioural science 
-    You have a post-graduate qualification in the social sciences with a focus on human behavior, e.g., Masters or PhD in Behavioral Science, Psychology – and ideally you have hands on knowledge and experience designing and implementing behavioural science interventions.
-    You have experience in qualitative and quantitative research (ideally as a "mixed methods" researcher) which you boost with your knowledge of behavioural science. 
-    You are highly creative and are constantly thinking of ways to improve things based on insights from psychology 
-    You love language and have excellent writing, speaking and presentation skills. You would enjoy re-write copy/letters/emails and preparing mock-ups of what your ideas would look like 
-    Your passion for behavioural science is infectious, and people like working with you 
-    You're well organized and are able to manage multiple projects at once and are resilient, able to handle set-backs along the way
-    You’ve worked in the consulting and/or financial sectors. This is desirable but it’s not a requirement to apply for this role


We are an equal opportunity employer, and we value diversity at our company. Our aim is to live visible and invisible diversity – diversity of age, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, physical abilities, personalities and experiences – at all levels and in all functions and regions. We also collaborate in a flexible working environment, providing you with a compelling degree of autonomy to decide how, when and where to carry out your tasks.


To apply

-    Please send us your CV
-    Please also send us a covering letter where you tackle this (real) challenge: 

Since May, one of our partners, who sells Funeral Protection insurance in the UK (also known as Over 50s life insurance or Guaranteed Whole of Life), noticed a significant decrease in sales. Fewer people were getting quotes online, leaving their details for a call-back, or calling in. This was despite our partner keeping their TV advertising and online lead-generation activity constant. 


They had a number of hypotheses: was it due to the good weather, the football, people using their money to book holidays, the gradual unlocking of the country? 


They came to us to ask why this may be, and what we could do about it. 


How would you go about addressing this question and providing recommendations on what they should do to address any issue you have identified? 
o    Please explain how you would go about uncovering the answer to this question, showing which research method(s) is/are most suitable
o    Please lay out any insights/theories from Behavioural Science that you think are relevant 
o    Please explain what idea/solution you are proposing and how it would help drive a higher take-up of life insurance (i.e. increase in sales)  
o    Length of your response: 500 -1000 words 


We provide feedback to all candidates via email. If you have not heard back from us, please check your spam folder.

Reference Code: 104287 


Job Segment: Underwriter, Product Development, Insurance, Research