We could tell you what it’s like to work at Swiss Re, but we'd rather let our colleagues do that. Meet some of our people as they explain what they love about working at Swiss Re and much more.

Han Chen, Underwriter Agriculture Reinsurance, Beijing

"I have the freedom to work in the areas I'm interested in."

What path led you to your current job?

In my doctoral thesis, I focused on using satellite technology to monitor crop growth and developing a growth model that predicts crop yield. I joined Swiss Re’s graduate programme to continue working on models for agricultural risk assessment and was glad to be offered a permanent position after two years.

How do you help make the world more resilient?

Food security is a hot topic globally. How can more food be produced to support a growing population? How will agriculture and climate change affect food production in China and around the world? These are the kinds of questions we’re addressing in Research & Development, and the answers are improving our understanding of how the food system can be made more resilient.

What has been your proudest moment so far?

My PhD thesis was recently published in the journal Nature. It's about food security, environmental sustainability and agricultural management in China. This is not only exciting for me personally, but the main findings are also quite relevant to our business strategy in this region.

How is Swiss Re different from other employers?

There are two main reasons why I chose  Swiss Re. The first is that, as a global company, Swiss Re exposes me to international experiences and insights. The second is flexibility. Here I am free to pursue topics that interest me, to use my creativity and to maintain a good work-life balance, for instance, by working from home.

Iveta Gasparova, Medical Officer, Life & Health Products Centre, Bratislava

"What gets me up in the morning? Working in a very good team."

What path led you to your current job?

I joined Swiss Re last June and am new to the industry too. As a medical doctor with a PhD in genetics, I never would have thought that I’d work at an insurance company. But I always enjoyed the theoretical side of medicine more than clinical work, so my move to this role made sense. As a Medical Officer, I contribute to the evidence-based risk assessment, support our underwriters and participate in educating them and our clients on medical topics.

What part of your job do you find most meaningful?

In Life & Health, our clients sometimes ask us to underwrite their clients, such as when a risk exceeds a financial limit pre-defined in their insurance policy or when the case is more complicated. People who have rare diseases with a high mortality risk, for example, used to be uninsurable. Now they can get life and disability coverage thanks to special products developed by Swiss Re. I’m glad to be a part of that progress.

How is Swiss Re different from other employers?

I worked in a genetics lab and before that in a hospital. What I like about Swiss Re is the atmosphere, which is open and social. I work in a virtual team of experienced medical doctors from whom I can learn something new every day, and I sit with a multinational team of young, energetic underwriters in Bratislava. Another difference: Swiss Re’s offices are a lot nicer than a hospital or a lab!

Do you take advantage of Swiss Re’s flexible work practices?

Yes, definitely. This was one of the most exciting things about joining Swiss Re. When my workload is lighter, I can take off the extra hours I work during busy periods. And when I need to focus intensely on a certain task, I like having the option to work from home.

Yanina Aguilar, Senior Client Manager, Public Sector Solutions, Mexico City

"To be honest, I love to go to the office."

What path led you to your current job?

I worked as an engineering underwriter at another company before joining Swiss Re Corporate Solutions in 2015. Then, last year, I was offered an interesting new opportunity in the Public Sector Solutions team, which was a totally new world for me. It was a big leap – from a technical role to a commercial one, from dealing with private sector clients to public sector partners and from working mostly behind the scenes to having high exposure inside and outside the organisation. But the leap was worth it.  I love the job I have now. 

What makes Swiss Re different from other employers?

Our solutions improve lives, and you can’t say that at every company. What’s also special about Swiss Re is people’s willingness to share their knowledge – something I’ve noted across the whole organisation. It really motivates you to be part of this family by doing the same. Finally, the flexible work practices make it possible for me to pursue post-graduate studies – not to mention avoid Mexico City´s rush hour traffic!

How do you help make the world more resilient?

Swiss Re isn´t a non-profit organisation, obviously, but everyone here knows they’re collaborating to build resilience. In Public Sector Solutions, we support governments, development banks and state-owned enterprises to better manage their risks, such as natural catastrophes, agriculture, shortfall energy and infrastructure financing. I focus mostly on helping local and federal governments in South America and the Caribbean mitigate, prevent and react in the best possible way to climate change.

What motivates you every day?

It´s pretty simple: I enjoy working here. I have friends at the company, a good relationship with my manager and lots of opportunities to learn from and exchange with kind, professional people in my immediate team and across the globe.


Stefan Kindler, Head Insurance and Propositions iptiQ EMEA Property & Casualty, Zurich

"I think I have the coolest job ever." 

What motivated you to join Swiss Re?

I first got to know Swiss Re while working at a consulting firm. From that experience, I knew I liked the working culture and the business, so coming on staff felt natural. My first role at Swiss Re was in Group Underwriting looking at new business models and innovation opportunities in the digital space. Recently, I moved to a similar role in iptiQ, where we’re expanding the Group’s white labeling approach into Property & Casualty. My job is to help build up the primary value chain, increasing our understanding of the risks consumers face and our access to this risk pool. It's really pioneering work – which I love.

How do you help to make the world more resilient?

I'm working on making insurance solutions more accessible in every sense. Through digitalisation we aim to ensure that people can easily find their way to an insurance solution that meets their needs. So we're helping close the protection gap.I find that very inspiring.

What makes Swiss Re different from other employers?

Definitely the people. Everyone here is smart, open-minded and an expert in what they do. Teams run smoothly. Also, I find the topics Swiss Re focuses on when it comes to digitalisation especially interesting. Last but not least, the culture at Swiss Re is very open to innovation. There are many opportunities to shape your job so it fits you and your passions. Employees here  go the extra mile because we have room to experiment, challenge and have a real impact.

Stacie Gram, Head Casualty Claims North America, Kansas City

"No two days are alike. There’s always something new and challenging on my desk."

What path led you to your current job?

After working as a partner in a law firm, I began my career in the insurance industry as a claims specialist and joined Swiss Re through its acquisition of GE Insurance Solutions in 2006. In the 20 years since then, I’ve worked with clients in all kinds of businesses – media, the public sector, law, architecture and engineering, to name just a few.

How do you help make the world more resilient?

In Claims, that’s a really easy question to answer. If we’re involved, the client is by definition facing a challenge, and we’re helping them overcome that challenge so they can keep on doing business. On the claimant side, we’re helping people get back on their feet and move ahead with their lives.                       

How is Swiss Re different from other employers?

There’s much more collaboration here. While each of us is responsible for our own roster of cases, we’re encouraged to work together to get to the right resolution. I love the atmosphere and the people here and would never go back to practicing law.

Do you take advantage of Swiss Re’s flexible work practices?

I'm the poster child for flexibility. When my children were young, I worked anywhere from 10 to 29 hours a week – often from home and always with the support of my managers. When I resumed working full time, I came back with a promotion. As a manager myself, I'm committed to Own the Way You Work, embracing flexible solutions to allow people to do their best work, including flex time and compressed work weeks.

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