We could tell you what it’s like to work at Swiss Re, but we'd rather let our colleagues do that. Meet some of our people as they explain what they love about working at Swiss Re and much more.

Jaap Berghuijs, Senior Structurer, Reinsurance, Zurich

"For me personally, it’s important that I can make a positive contribution to society."

What path led you to your current job?

Natural hazards such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes have always interested me. I got to know Swiss Re while doing my masters in Earth Sciences at ETH Zurich, and was fascinated to learn how Swiss Re protects its clients and society as a whole from the financial impact of serious natural hazards. Now that I work at the company, I develop appropriate customer-specific reinsurance solutions in cross-functional teams.

How do you drive innovation in your area?

Innovation is important for nearly all our projects – our clients' situation and needs are always unique. We adjust the set-up of our team accordingly; sometimes we're a team of five, sometimes we're more than 30 people, depending on the size and complexity of the transaction. During the process, we coordinate with each other in short sprints. We also support and enable innovation among others, for example when insurers want to share the risk of a new insurance product with us.

How is Swiss Re different from other employers?

At Swiss Re we enjoy great flexibility in how, when and where we work, which is part of an initiative called "Own The Way You Work". This is especially helpful now that I've recently become a father of a little girl. It was also great that I could take eight weeks of paternity leave, of which five were paid.

What else is important to you?

I value the excellent personal development opportunities at Swiss Re – for example, I spent three months in China last year as part of a job rotation. Most important to me personally is that my work is meaningful and contributes positively to society.

Miriam Beltran, Property Facultative Underwriter, Reinsurance Latin America, Mexico City

"At Swiss Re, people are always ready to support each other."

What was the path that led to your current position?

I’ve always found my work in the insurance industry interesting. I joined Swiss Re more than four years ago, and my career has been very satisfactory. I started out in Technical Accounting in the Property & Casualty area, and over the course of two years, I had the opportunity to be part of the Business Services team, where I provided administrative support to underwriters. Last year, I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge and decided to take up a new challenge, this time as an underwriter.

What differentiates Swiss Re from other employers?

I would highlight that we are a real team, people are always ready to support each other. I'd also mention the willingness of everyone to share their knowledge and ideas across business areas and locations. Finally, at Swiss Re we are a global company. We live it day by day through our interaction with teams from different regions. I am currently in Mexico, but my team is in Colombia and Miami. It's amazing!

Could you share an example of the times you've left your comfort zone?

Considering all the different business areas I've worked in and my career at Swiss Re, I dare say I've never been in my comfort zone. I see challenges as opportunities. I like to learn new things and understand more in depth what we do in the company. That's why, every time I've had the opportunity, I've raised my hand to come up with new ideas or to participate in a project that interested me.

Iveta Gasparova, Medical Officer, Life & Health Products Centre, Bratislava

     "What gets me up in the morning? Working in a very good team."

What path led you to your current job?

I joined Swiss Re last June and am new to the industry too. As a medical doctor with a PhD in genetics, I never would have thought that
I’d work at an insurance company. But I always enjoyed the theoretical side of medicine more than clinical work, so my move to this role made sense. As a Medical Officer, I contribute to the evidence-based risk assessment, support our underwriters and participate in educating them and our clients on medical topics.

What part of your job do you find most meaningful?

In Life & Health, our clients sometimes ask us to underwrite their clients, such as when a risk exceeds a financial limit pre-defined
in their insurance policy or when the case is more complicated. People who have rare diseases with a high mortality risk, for example, used to be uninsurable. Now they can get life and disability coverage thanks to special products developed by Swiss Re. I’m glad to be a part of that progress.       

How is Swiss Re different from other employers?

I worked in a genetics lab and before that in a hospital. What I like about Swiss Re is the atmosphere, which is open and social. I work in a virtual team of experienced medical doctors from whom I can learn something new every day, and I sit with a multinational team of young, energetic underwriters in Bratislava. Another difference: Swiss Re’s offices are a lot nicer than a hospital or a lab!

Do you take advantage of Swiss Re’s flexible work practices?

Yes, definitely. This was one of the most exciting things about joining Swiss Re. When my workload is lighter, I can take off the extra hours I work during busy periods. And when I need to focus intensely on a certain task, I like having the option to work from home.

Sara Li, New Partnership Manager, Life & Health North Asia, Beijing

"The different backgrounds and viewpoints of my colleagues inspire me every day."

What path led to your current job?

What attracted me to Swiss Re was its openness to innovation and tech. I believe that digital will transform the reinsurance and insurance industry, and I wanted to be part of that transformation.

How do you help make the world more resilient?

With our partnerships and data, Swiss Re can make insurance solutions more accessible, less complex and better tailored to our clients’ needs. Although I joined only recently, I’ve already been working on some partnerships which will allow us to offer even more customisation. Together with the fact that our solutions allow people to efficiently get insurance coverage online, this makes me feel I’m contributing to making the world more resilient every day. 

How is Swiss Re different from other employers?

At Swiss Re, diversity is lived at every level. The people I work with come from all walks of life and backgrounds, and I appreciate their different ways of thinking and viewpoints. I myself have online insurance experience, which I think helps me add value in a different way. Also, I like that Swiss Re really cares about employees and shows it, for example, by organising support for employees in the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic. And Swiss Re’s Own The Way You Work programme allows me to combine my duties as a mother with my responsibilities at work. I don’t take this flexibility for granted.

Rahul Jain, Head Robotic Automation Centre of Excellence, Bangalore

     "It feels good when a colleague expresses thanks for a solution you built."

What path led you to your current job?

After earning my masters in finance and business administration and credentials in accounting and Six Sigma, I went into investment banking. That's when I became interested in the sheer volatility of the business and how it depends on pretty much everything happening in the world. The chance to take a robotics-focused role at Swiss Re nicely fit in with my goal to enhance my skills in robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.  

How do you help make the world more resilient?

In my team, we develop robotic automation solutions that spare people having to perform repetitive, manual tasks. We make the world more resilient by enabling our colleagues to focus
on building Swiss Re's knowledge and using it to help clients manage their risks. 

How is Swiss Re different from other employers?

Swiss Re is more open to technological innovation in day-to-day business operations than other finance and insurance companies, investing in areas such as machine learning, advanced analytics for modelling and decision making, cognitive automation and AI. It also offers an unusual amount of flexibility. Everyone in my team may work from home as long as others know how they can be reached. Our hours are also flexible, depending on the project and the need to interact face to face. I myself leave the office at about 3:30pm to avoid peak traffic and work from home thereafter. 

What has been your proudest moment so far?

One moment which comes to mind is a project where we created a robot “farm” that performs an entire reconciliation process. The robots interact seamlessly, downloading general ledger accounts and bank statements, applying complex business rules and uploading unreconciled items to the right system in digestible form. After implementation, our colleagues noticed just one change – the huge amount of time and effort they saved. 

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