Working at Swiss Re

At Swiss Re we believe in championing uniqueness in leadership, in thought and in the way we work together. If you can be who you are, and you feel included, your motivation and ideas will help us succeed now and in the future.

Vive les différences!

We're a global and diverse workforce to be reckoned with. We understand our clients and markets, we develop smarter solutions together and help the world to rebuild, renew and move forward. This is how we strive to "make the world more resilient".

We want to attract and engage talented employees from different backgrounds by living a flexible, inclusive and open culture where dialogue and different perspectives are valued.

Our aim is to live visible and invisible diversity – diversity of age, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, physical abilities, personalities and experiences – at all levels and in all functions and regions at Swiss Re.

Empowering employees. Enabling teams.

At Swiss Re, we enable everyone to reach their full potential, as individuals and as teams. We align our working environments and methods with evolving social trends and challenging market conditions. And we appreciate the ever-changing working preferences of different cultures, generations and personalities.

A few years ago, we introduced Own The Way You Work (OTWYW) as a comprehensive programme to promote agile working. In alignment with the needs of clients and colleagues, our people appreciate being largely free to organise their day, whether it's choosing where to work or how to manage their time.

But there's more to agile working than having flexible hours and managing them. That's why we go further to meet both employee and company needs. We've enriched our vision for the way we work at Swiss Re with cutting-edge technology and flexible workplace solutions. These shape an ambitious and creative company culture, where everyone performs at their best, individually and collectively.

OTWYW is an integral part of the Swiss Re culture. It's a mutual commitment between the company and the individual, between the team and each team member, between the line manager and the employee.