How to apply

Our recruiting process is the same worldwide. To join the programme, you must at a minimum have a bachelor's degree before the starting date.

When you apply for a position, please make sure you hold a valid work permit for the region/country in question.

We have different recruitment timelines per region. Graduate positions will be posted at the start and for the duration of the application period in the relevant region.

United States: Kindly note that the interns@swissre programme serves as main resource to recruit for our graduates@swissre programme. If you're interested in the graduates@swissre programme, please look at the internship opportunities and apply for those. Recruitment for the graduates@swissre programme will take place during the summer internship programme. Any external candidate can apply to the Graduate roles through our application tool. The positions will be posted around June each year



Application start

Application deadline

Assessment days

Hong Kong

1 August 2019

15 September 2019

To be confirmed


August 2019

31 October 2019

11 January 2020


15 Oct 2019

8 Nov 2019

6 February 2020

South Africa

3 July 2019

31 July 2019

24 August 2019


6 September 2019

10 November 2019

7-8 February 2020

UK and France

September 2019

November 2019

6 March 2020

United States

1 June 2019

30 June 2019              

8-9 August 2019



Graduates programme overview