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Own The Way You Work (OTWYW) is as a comprehensive programme to promote agile working. In alignment with the needs of clients and colleagues, our people appreciate being largely free to organise their day, whether it's choosing where to work or how to manage their time.

But there's more to agile working than having flexible hours and managing them. We've enriched our vision for the way we work at Swiss Re with cutting-edge technology and flexible workplace solutions. These shape an ambitious and creative company culture, where everyone performs at their best, individually and collectively.

OTWYW is an integral part of the Swiss Re culture. It's a mutual commitment between the company and the individual, between the team and each team member, between the line manager and the employee.

Meet some of our people as they explain what Own The Way You Work means for them.

Lavanya Ramamurthy, Section Head Data Management Asia and successful multitasker, Bangalore

"Own The Way You Work is the oil in my professional life that helps me shift gears whenever required."

For me, OTWYW revolves around how you as an individual work best, from your preferred location and timing to the infrastructure you need to be effective. It’s the oil in my professional life that helps me shift gears whenever required. And it’s why I’m able to deliver for my team as well as to be there for my two children. 

Swiss Re rolled out Own The Way You Work around the time my mother was diagnosed with a severe illness. My brother and I were responsible for her care. After discussing the situation with my manager, I was offered a remote working arrangement that allowed me to support my mother whilst developing an important business opportunity for Swiss Re that happened to come up at the same time.

Flexible working depends on trust. I lead a team of eight people, nearly all of them parents like me. We keep each other in the loop one-to-one and as a group, but I don’t monitor what everyone’s doing all the time. Their high performance speaks for itself.

Alessia Limata, HR Trainee & professional soccer player, Zurich

"I can do an apprenticeship at Swiss Re and pursue a career as professional soccer player."

Thanks to Own the Way You Work I can combine my career as professional soccer player with a commercial apprenticeship at Swiss Re. I am the goalkeeper of Switzerland’s Under-19 women’s soccer team and need to take part in the training every day. Swiss Re's flexible working practices make it easy for me to do a great job on the pitch and at work.

My manager is supportive of flexible working, I can work from home and on the go. The collaboration within my team works very well. We have a weekly team meeting to discuss what we are currently working on and where we’ll be in the days ahead.

At Swiss Re, you can be yourself and work in your own way. No matter where and when you work, you have the opportunity to make a positive impact.

Rolf Bachmann, Business Development Manager and working parent of three, Zurich

"It was great to spend extra time with my baby boy after he was born."

For me, Own The Way You Work means being free to choose the best place and way to get my job done. Instead of spending every day in the office – a three-hour round trip from my home – I work wherever I can add most value. For example, I like to work on the move when I need to be creative. 

When my two older kids were born, five and seven years ago, I spent a lot of my time in the office or travelling. When I came home after longer travels, the kids often were hesitant to reconnect with me in the beginning. After the birth of my third child, I could benefit from Swiss Re's extended parental leave in Switzerland. Being at home for two months made bonding with my son so much easier and allowed me to experience some beautiful family moments.

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Jana Liskova, HR Advisor and Ph.D. Student, Bratislava

"As long as I give the business top priority, I am free to work whenever and wherever it suits me."

For me, Own The Way You Work means freedom – the freedom to pursue my Ph.D. in psychology (focused on leadership) while doing an interesting job where I can apply what I’m learning. My studies require me to teach, take classes and do research, which is a lot when you’re also working full time.

During the semester, I leave the office around 12pm few times a week and head for school. If I have a work meeting in the afternoon, I can join remotely and still be available for my students later on. After that, I return to the office or attend a sports class and work from home. The arrangement works well thanks to very open communication with my manager and the rest of my team.

When I talk to people who are new to the company, I explain OTWYW this way: as long as you give the business top priority, you’re free to work whenever and wherever it suits you.

Michal Bencek, Team Leader Strategic Initiatives & passionate wakeboarder, Bratislava

"At Swiss Re, I have the freedom to own my day and maximise my impact."

The main reason I chose to work for Swiss Re is its culture of trust and ownership. Own The Way You Work is a great example how Swiss Re's culture comes alive. OTWYW provides us with the tools and freedom to manage our lives and maximise our impact.

Sports are important for keeping my mind healthy, relaxed and focused. I particularly enjoy wakeboarding. With Swiss Re’s flexible working practice, I can take a midday break to wakeboard for an hour before returning to the office. This helps me to stay healthy and keep focused. To balance out those hours, I come to work earlier in the morning or stay longer in the evening, which helps me avoid heavy commuter traffic.

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