Swiss Re Slovakia Graduate Programme

Do you have the desire to learn and become a leader one day? If yes, Swiss Re Slovakia Graduate Programme could be a great fit for YOU.

In this intensive 18-months-long learning experience, you will rotate through various departments at Swiss Re’s second largest location in Bratislava, Slovakia. The journey starts at one of our key departments and by rotating to a new department every 6 months you will experience 3 out of these 5 departments.

If you are able to start working full time from 1st September, have graduated from a bachelor, master or PhD degree in current or previous year, and are fluent in English language, you meet our basic criteria. Application period for 2021 is now closed.

Introduction of Departments

The journey starts at one of our key departments: Asset Management, Business Services, Finance, Technical Accounting or iptiQ. You will experience 3 out of these 5 departments by rotating to a new department every 6 months. Learn more about our departments from the leaders

Motivation of Current Graduates

During your time in the Graduate Programme you will get hands on job experience and have the opportunity to observe different leadership cultures. On top of your everyday job you will develop your leadership skills, participate in projects, get the support of a mentor and more. Our Graduates will tell you more about their motivation

Learn about what current Graduates think about the programme.

  • Laura

    “Swiss Re not only offers a job to a fresh graduate but also further develops one’s knowledge and skills.“

    I have decided to apply for this program for a couple of reasons. First of all, I was very familiar with the existence and concept of similar programmes around the world and the idea of participating in the similar initiative in my homeland - Slovakia seemed very appealing to me. I believe it is one of the best ways to start the career after the completion of studies and it offers a wide variety of options and opportunities for the applicant. Secondly, the idea of the program is not only to offer a job to a fresh graduate but also to further develop one’s knowledge and skills, including both, hard and soft skills. Moreover, the rotations within the three departments in the company mean that a graduate can expand its network which is a very crucial aspect of building a career in the early stages after the university.

  • Jakub

    “Swiss Re welcomes diversity and commits to eco-friendly solutions.“

    Swiss Re was first introduced to me during the Night of Chances Business, where I had the opportunity to chat with employees from key departments. Working for Swiss Re means sharing a world-class office environment with curious minds in the heart of Bratislava. The culture at the office is extremely supportive and open minded. Swiss Re welcomes diversity and commits to eco-friendly solutions, which I believe should be a standard in the 21st century. Swiss Re has its employees' well-being at heart too, evidenced by introduction of Own The Way You Work program and 5 additional days of vacation. Furthermore, the Graduate Programme promotes cross-functional collaboration, gives you an opportunity to experience various departments and observe bright leaders in their natural habitat. Together with exciting work, you receive powerful insights and learn new skills quickly, impacting the improvement of lives of people from around the world.

  • Stela

    “Responsible employer sees the value of each and every one of his employees.“

    After finishing my Bachelor's degree, I was looking for a longer-term work experience, but at the same time I wanted to keep my options open. I was looking for an adequately paid position and a caring and responsible employer that sees the value of each and every one of his employees and encourages their growth in a direction of their choice. Swiss Re and its Graduate Programme meets all of these requirements. On top of that, this programme also focuses on developing our leadership skills under the supervision of experienced managers and team leaders, which I find very valuable and useful for both professional and private life.

  • Luca

    “I had to find a job opportunity that could make me grow in different skill areas.“

    During my last semester as master's student, I was overwhelmed with thoughts and ideas about my future. Stay home and look for a job nearby or go abroad and try a completely different experience. At the same time, I was concerned about the value of my degree. Being a political science student and aiming to work in the business sector for a private company was not the best combination to face the competition from business students. Hence, I felt that I had to find a job opportunity that could make me grow in different skill areas to fill that gap with business students. At that point, the Graduate Programme became my best option to have the opportunity to grow. Today, after six months since that decision I'm glad to have applied because I feel how the company cares about the graduates and how important they are for Swiss Re in the long run.

  • Maria

    “My motivation was the opportunity to gain experience in the corporate world.“

    My motivation for applying to the Graduate Programme was the opportunity to gain experience in the corporate world and learn more about finance. On the other hand, the reason why I have decided to take up the challenge, is the company culture and the company's effort to support their employee's learning and development. As a millennial, I find it important to have a meaningful job, where I also feel supported and heard. Swiss Re's values and corporate culture seemed to be the right fit.


  • Panagiotis

    “I liked the perspective of working in such a special industry in a multinational environment.“

    Searching for a job on the wider finance industry as a graduate engineer is quite tough, as not many positions are suitable for people without any financial background. And that's where Swiss Re and its graduate programme kick in. An opportunity for me to get onboard my desired industry, without any relevant background or experience. When I first checked the job posting, I had no clue about what SR does or what the reinsurance industry is about, though the informative material available was really helpful, especially the video of graduates' experiences. Furthermore, the opportunity to rotate in different departments sounded so intriguing to me, as I tend to be a challenge-taker and it was a determinant factor on my decision to apply. I also liked the perspective of working in such a special industry in a multinational environment. Last but not least, I read a relevant article on LinkedIn of a previous graduate, giving a wider aspect of what the Graduate Programme is about.

  • Lubomira

     “I believe it is a great way how to build a strong network between the colleagues within our company.“

    I have applied for the Graduate Programme at Swiss Re because I believe it is a place where I can grow professionally as well as personally. The advantage of having a chance to work with three different departments will be a great way to find out which segment of the reinsurance business suits me the best. Since I will be working with various teams, I believe this is a great way how to build a strong network between the colleagues within our company. This program also offers a space for improvement of our leadership skills through different trainings targeted on soft skills. I am grateful for the chance to be part of the company and I am excited about the future.

  • Mario

    “It seemed to me like the perfect transition from academia to labour market.“

    My educational background is very broad. I studied in a liberal arts and sciences program, where the emphasis lies on interdisciplinarity, meaning I looked for connection among multiple disciplines and I used those insights and similarities to tackle complex problems. The multidisciplinary approach results in having a more general view on the world rather than developing deep knowledge and specialization in one field. For that reason, it was quite a challenge to find a company that would be open to people coming from all disciplines and such diversity would be perceived as an asset and not a limitation. Graduate Programme seemed to me like the perfect transition from academia to labour market. I would have the opportunity to be trained in market related skills while have the space for personal and leadership development. Additionally, the rotation scheme resembled the very interdisciplinary, or in this case, interdepartmental approach to learning I was used to.