Swiss Re Slovakia Graduate Programme

Interested in learning and becoming a leader one day? The Swiss Re Slovakia Graduate Programme could be just what you're looking for.

In this intensive 18-month long learning experience, you'll rotate through various departments at Swiss Re’s second largest location Bratislava, Slovakia.

If you are free to start working full time from September 2022, have graduated with a bachelor, master or PhD degree in 2021 or 2022 and are fluent in English, you’re eligible to apply now.

Introduction to Departments

The journey starts in one of our key departments: Asset Management, Business Services, Finance, Technical Accounting, Corporate Solutions or iptiQ. You’ll gain experience in 3 out of these 6 departments – one of which must be Finance – by rotating to a different department every 6 months. The rotations will give you exposure to various tasks and team cultures and allow you to acquire new skills. You'll also have a personal “buddy” and a mentor to help you on your journey throughout the programme.

Watch the video to learn more about the different departments directly from our leaders!

Why become a Swiss Re Graduate?

During your time in the Swiss Re Slovakia Graduate Programme you’ll gain hands-on job experience and have the opportunity to observe different leaders, develop your leadership skills, participate in various projects and initiatives and much more. Listen to our Graduates explain what motivated them to apply.

Learn about what current Graduates think about the programme.

Anna, Italy

"The rotations in different business functions let me test my potential in various contexts and discover which one suits me the best."

At the end of my studies in international relations and politics, I wanted to start my career in a large company that cares about the personal growth of its employees, sustainable solutions and world resilience. However, I felt that I hadn't developed my technical skills enough to enter the corporate world. Swiss Re's Slovakia Graduate Programme considers generalist studies and being a fresh graduate to be assets. It is also a great opportunity to further develop personal and leadership skills. Moreover, the rotations in different business functions let me test my potential in various contexts and discover which one suits me best.

Balazs, Slovakia

"The attention Swiss Re gives to integrity, innovation and people's development is helping me grow both personally and professionally."

The final year of my master studies in economics and management represented a turbulent time when I had to decide where best to utilise my acquired knowledge and skills. As a fresh graduate filled with enthusiasm, I sought out companies that are committed to integrity, innovation and developing people. Six months into the Swiss Re Graduate Programme, I am confident I made the right decision as I’m being challenged in a way that encourages me to become better in both my professional and my personal life.

Ginevra, Italy

"The Swiss Re Graduate Programme is the dynamic and international experience I was looking for."

I decided to apply to Swiss Re Slovakia Graduate Programme because I was looking for an experience abroad in a multinational company where I could gain crucial new skills and bring my English knowledge to a business level. Moreover, I really liked the idea of rotating in different departments to better understand what would interest me the most and to discover a business as a whole. I think this programme is a very dynamic and high-level opportunity to gain working experience and leadership skills.

Filip, Slovakia

"This programme is the best place to learn how to grow into a leader."

As a business graduate, I’ve always wanted to understand how a big corporation works in the bigger picture. Rotations in different departments give me an insight into how my work contributes to other teams’ efforts and how crucial communication in and between teams is to overall efficiency. A good leader knows the barriers and strong and weak points of different teams and departments and plans accordingly. I think this graduate programme is the best place to learn how to grow into a leader one day.

Seie, Greece

"Swiss Re gives us the opportunity to develop greater knowledge of the industry and gain a wide range of skills."

I applied for the Graduate Programme because it is a structured, self-driven experience. We are assigned mentors and trainings to help us grow personally and professionally, and entry-level trainings across multiple departments allow us to develop greater knowledge of the industry and gain a wide range of skills. It is very exciting to be involved in the process of unfolding and resolving complex problems and turning excellent ideas into an amazing reality. As it was important for me to work for a company that cares about its employees, I was thrilled to discover that inclusivity and diversity are deeply rooted in Swiss Re’s culture and organisation.