Despite the current situation related to COVID-19 in Slovakia, recruitment process for our Swiss Re Graduate Programme in Slovakia continues business as usual. However, all interviews are now conducted via phone or Skype. Feel free to apply. We are looking forward to talking to you.

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Swiss Re Slovakia Graduate Programme

Do you have the desire to learn and become a leader one day? If yes, Swiss Re Slovakia Graduate Programme in Bratislava could be a great fit for YOU.

In this intensive 18-months-long learning experience, you will rotate through various departments at Swiss Re’s second largest location in Bratislava, Slovakia. The journey starts at one of our key departments: Asset Management, Business Services, Finance or Technical Accounting. You will experience 3 out of these 4 departments by rotating to a new department every 6 months. During your time in the Graduate Programme you will get hands on job experience and have the opportunity to observe different leadership cultures. On top of your everyday job you will develop your leadership skills, participate in projects, get the support of a mentor and more.

If you are able to start working full time from 1st September, have graduated from a bachelor, master or PhD degree in 2019 or 2020, and are fluent in English language, you meet our basic criteria.

Learn about what Graduates think about the programme and apply.

Are you interested?

Are you interested?

  • Jirko

    “I get a bigger picture of reinsurance and insurance.“

    First I joined Swiss Re as a student during 4th year of my university studies. As a student I witnessed the pleasant and innovative environment Swiss Re offers. I started to think about finding a fulltime position here after my studies. Later, I heard about the Graduate Programme opportunity. What attracted me the most is the great chance to get a bigger picture of reinsurance and insurance businesses during rotations at three different departments. Another big advantage in my point of view is the leadership development element of the programme, which is something I have always been interested in.

  • Daniela

    “Swiss Re fosters an environment where you are encouraged to improve yourself daily.“

    I joined Swiss Re as a fresh graduate of Business Management and this experience gave me confidence to realise my potential. Swiss Re fosters an environment where you are encouraged to improve yourself daily. You learn from top experts and get constantly inspired and motivated by their commitment, hard-work, and success. The innovative culture at Swiss Re and the exposure to challenges makes Swiss Re an employer of choice for me. Thanks to the possibility of rotating in three different departments during the Graduate Programme, I can perceive the diversity of the reinsurance business and the opportunities that it offers. From various workshops and trainings, to project and leadership tasks which develop my communication, problem solving, or leadership skills. The skills, that are invaluable and transferable to many roles as you progress in your career.

  • Panagiotis

    “It is a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the field.“

    I am from Greece and I moved to Bratislava because of the Swiss Re Slovakia Graduate Programme. It is a unique opportunity to learn from the best in the field, experience various key roles inside the company and further develop myself. Also because of the nature of the programme I have the chance to enhance my leadership skills faster than I could do otherwise. During my rotations, I get a unique understanding of the (re)insurance industry from multiple positions. This provides me with a full understanding of the value chain and helps me find out in which position I would like to grow my career.

  • Eirini

    “The rotation concept is a way to figure out one's preferences and strengths.“

    I studied Economics and after my graduation the most important thing for me was to gain working experience right away. In the Graduate Programme one gets the chance to work in positions and teams they wouldn't have access to so early in their career.  On top of that, the rotation concept is a way to figure out one's preferences and strengths, have hands on experience and claim a permanent position in the preferred field after the programme is over.

  • Silvester

    “It is an excellent platform to start one’s career in the reinsurance industry.“

    Swiss Re‘s graduate programme provided me with an excellent platform to start my professional career
    in the reinsurance industry. Through on-the-job training as well as classes in the in-house academy, I quickly acquired the necessary skills to become a full team member and assume responsibility to represent our solutions in several countries. Also, I was given the chance to contribute to a number of high-visibility projects that exposed me to colleagues from all levels, up to senior management. In addition to the training, the job rotation was a highlight. All in all, Swiss Re‘s graduate programme offers experiential learning at its best, in global environment, with the possibility to start a successful career in a group of likeminded young people from all over the world! 


  • Michal

    “I wanted to experience the variety of teams, departments and processes that Swiss Re offers.“

    I joined Swiss Re at the beginning of my last year of university, even before I knew about the Graduate Programme. I wanted to experience the vast variety of teams, departments and processes that international corporations offer. Graduate Programme took this variety even further by offering rotations in three different departments, giving us the opportunity to observe and participate in even more. On top of that, the programme keeps you on your toes as you work in your home team, cooperate with other graduates on different projects, create a network of connections in international environment and participate in many engaging trainings and individual tasks. There is always something new that I want to dig into. After getting to know Swiss Re, its culture, environment, and finding about the Graduate Programme, there wasn’t much to think about.

  • Alexandra

    “Rotations teach me how to adapt to changes.“

    Graduate programme gives me the opportunity to rotate through 3 different departments which is a great starting point for my career as I get an overview of the core reinsurance activities. I decided to apply because I was not sure what would fit me the best and I did not have any previous experience in reinsurance world. Later, thanks to the rotations, I can pursue my career in the area that suits me the best. I have been also given the opportunity to strengthen my leadership and communication skills. The most valuable experience from the programme is that I can participate in many interesting projects and work with plenty of smart and helpful people from different departments and locations. On top of that, rotations taught me how to adapt to changes easily and I believe it is one of the most important ability in this constantly changing world.

  • Martin

    “The willingness of others to help me learn quickly is amazing.“

    I joined Swiss Re Slovakia Graduate Programme in 2019 supporting the finance team in Bratislava. What I really love about the programme is the willingness of others to help me learn very quickly in order to be able to support the team in various tasks and projects. The Graduate Programme is providing me a great opportunity to start my professional career in finance industry while being exposed to different areas and departments of Swiss Re. The international working environment and openness of people are aspects of Graduate programme I like most.

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