Junior Power, Swiss Re's training initiative

Für alle deutschsprachigen Interessenten, bitte beachten Sie unsere Lernende & Praktikanten Seite.

At our offices in Zurich and Adliswil you'll learn from experienced specialists from a variety of backgrounds, in an international environment. You'll get involved in our day-to-day work and we'll provide you with targeted training and guidance. For detailed information about the programme, please read our information brochure.

Since we're a global company, our corporate language is English. So as an apprentice or trainee, we would expect you to be fluent or ready and willing to apply and improve your English skills.

View our open​ 2020 positions for apprentices and trainees

Eager to find out more? We offer taster courses lasting three to five days for catering and hospitality apprenticeships: chef, specialist in restaurant service, specialist in hotel housekeeping and hotel housekeeping employee. Please send your brief application to: Junior_Power@swissre.com.

In addition, we offer information afternoons in May and June for the following apprenticeship programmes:

  • Businessman/Businesswoman EFZ
  • IT Specialist in Application Development EFZ
  • ICT Specialist EFZ
  • Mediamatics Specialist EFZ
  • Chef EFZ
  • Specialist in Hotel Housekeeping EFZ
  • Hotel Housekeeping Employee EBA
  • Specialist in Restaurant Service EFZ
  • System Gastronomy Professional

Please register here for an upcoming information afternoon session.

Once you are ready to apply, go to our How to apply page. We look forward to receiving your completed application.

Apprentices & Trainees FAQ

Are you interested in getting a deeper insight into the life of the apprentices and trainees at Swiss Re? Then enjoy the latest edition of our Junior Power Times.